We offer our local Southern California customers a core range of services which include:

On-Site Vending Machine Repairs and Evaluations

For a nominal fee, we can come to where your vending machine is located to evaluate what issues the machine is having. Based on the evaluation we can then provide a cost estimate for parts and labor needed to solve the problems the machine is having.

Vending Machine Refurbishing

In some cases, refurbishing a machine is the cheaper alternative to out-right buying a brand new one. We offer a range of refurbishing options such us changes to the cosmetic exterior and the internal parts in order to better the look and overall functionality of said product - all directly from our warehouse.

Repairs and Restorations of Vending Machines and their components

At our warehouse we, can provide a free evaluation on any unit you bring in and provide the costs (inclusive of any parts & labor needed) of bringing the unit back to full functionality. 

If at that point or at a later time, you decide to have the unit repaired through us, the repaired unit will be covered by a 90 day warranty (see our warranty page for more details).

Flat Rate Repair and Exchange

As an alternative to having your unit repaired, we also offer a flat rate repair and exchange service on bill acceptors, coin mechanisms, and main controller boards. This service requires you to bring in your non-functioning unit for inspection, which we will then exchange for a similar fully-functional refurbished model with a 90 day warranty.

However, please note that we do not accept units under the following conditions for exchange:

  • Controller boards that are broken, have water damage, or are burnt out.
  • Bill acceptors that have been vandalized, have water damage, or have been salted (salted solution).
  • Coin Changers that have water damage, have been salted, or have been burned.
  • Units with missing parts.
  • Units that are beyond repair.

If you have any questions regarding any of our services you can contact us via our website form, visit us at our warehouse, or call us at (909) 888-6125.